Buy Conditions

The Purchase Conditions of Petitaixa define the rights and obligations of both Petitaixa as web users that realize orders and purchase its products through this website.

The Purchase Conditions of Petitaixa define the rights and obligations of both   Petitaixa as web users that realize orders and purchase its products through this website.

These Purchase Conditions respect the regulation on consumers and users, principally the established in the Law 34/2002, of July 11, Law of Services of the Society of the Information; in the Legislative Royal Decree 1/2007, of November 16, by approving the Relaunched Text of the General Law for the Defense of  Consumers and Users; and in the Law 7/1996, of January 15, of Arrangement of the Retail Commerce.

How to realize your buys

We would like to thank you for the trust that you have deposited in us when you make a purchase. You have to think that with your help you contribute to support this web and spread the principles of Petitaixa among a larger number of mothers and fathers.

Next you will find all the information you need to make the purchase of our products:

- Product information

- Procedure to realize the order

- Validity of the price and the offer

- Delivery costs and methods

- Delivery times

- Availability of the product and replacement

- Refunds and returns mailing

- Guarantees

- Responsibility

- Complaints and conflicts’ resolution

Product information

The description of the offered products on the website is based on the information provided by the producer. Petitaixa doesn’t become responsible for the errors’ appearance in the above mentioned information.

The information and data included in each product or its photography have a merely informative function.

Procedure to realize the order

The shopping system Petitaixa website works by the renowned shopping cart, where you keep adding products as you visit our shop. Whenever you add a new product, your updated shopping cart appears so that you could check its content.

It’s necessary to be subscribed to the web to be able to realize an order or purchase. If you aren’t, you will be asked four your data the first time you add a product to the shopping cart.

To add a product to the shopping cart, click the button that you’ll see at the end of the description of each product. Optionally you can specify the number of units that you want to buy and, in some cases, characteristics such as size or color.

You can check your shopping cart whenever you want simply by selecting the option My purchase that you’ll find in the main menu. Please note that the shopping cart retains its contents to subsequent visits

The button allows you to change the number of units purchased of a product. Simply it modifies the quantity and you have to click the Modify button to recalculate the new amount again.

In the same way, the button allows you to eliminate a product from your shopping cart. If you want to empty the whole shopping cart, click the Clear Cart button that you’ll find in the bottom.

When the contents of your cart is the correct one, click the Confirm Purchase  button  to begin the purchase process. Note that to perform this action, you fully and unreservedly accept the entire contents of these Purchase Conditions.

The contractual information will be facilitated to you, as well as the present Conditions of Purchase in Spanish language, being able to store and to print them.

As soon as the order is confirmed, this one will be filed electronically in our database and a confirmation of the purchase will be sent to your e-mail within 24 hours maximum. For this reason, it is necessary that you check the filters in your e-mail, so that the messages you receive from the email address smoothly reach your inbox.

After confirming the order, this will be filed electronically in our database and send you a confirmation of the purchase to your email within 24 hours Max.

As a costumer you can check all your orders in the area called My profile. If you detect an error in entering data when you have placed your order, contact us as soon as possible to , indicating us the correct data.

For any other enquiry regarding an order, please contact Petitaixa by phone 636157302 or e-mail

Validity of the price and the offer

The purchase price of the products offered on this web site is indicated in each product. The products price includes all taxes that the current legislation levies on the sale of products. At this price is added the amount that corresponds to the mailing cost.

Except in some special cases, we can send orders to any country in the world. For the exemption of the VAT in the extra community mailing or directed to The Canaries, Ceuta and Melilla, the recipient shall request to Petitaixa that it prepares a DUA of exportation when this isn’t a necessary requirement for the mailing, as well as to assume the costs associated to the DUA’s making and detailed in the paragraph Expenses and terms of delivery of this document. In any case, the recipient will be responsible for paying the related costs of customs and import duties. Alternatively, the recipient may request a refund of VAT sending us a copy of the entry DUA after receiving the order.

Our offers or promotions will indicate its duration, or the number of available units or the number of consumers who can benefit. To avoid confusions, you can check the validity of our promotions in the final purchase price, before making payment.

The stated price will be respected, except in cases of obvious error and that could have been recognized by you, reasonably, as incorrect price.

Delivery costs and methods

The shipping of orders is determined automatically according to the destination and weight of the shipment to make it as fast and economically as possible. Most domestic orders are sent by courier service. In particular, the shipping method is established as follows: 

By means of courier service:

All the shipments at the peninsula.

All the mailing:

All shipments to The Canary Islands, The Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

All shipments whose destination is not Spain.

The shipping cost to any destination in Spain or Andorra is automatically calculated based on the weight of your order and distance from the delivery address, according to the following table:


Shipping   weight


Up to 500 g.

5,00 €

500 g. to 1 Kg.

7,65 €

1 Kg. to 2 Kg.

7,75 €

2 Kg. to 5 Kg.

8,40 €

5 Kg. to 10 Kg.

10,10 €

10 Kg. to 15 Kg

13,40 €

15 Kg. to 20 Kg.

15,65 €


If your order exceeds 90 Euros, counting the VAT, it’s free to send anywhere to Spain.

For the international mailings, there is used the registered mail service or priority international parcel post, according to the weight of the package. The shipping cost depends on whether the country is in the European Union or elsewhere, according to the following table:


Shipping weight

European Community

Other countries


Up to 500 g.


11,50 €


13,80 €


500 g. to 1 Kg.


17,80 €


25,00 €


1 Kg. to 2 Kg.


27,00 €


43,50 €


2 Kg. to 5 Kg.


44,65 €


70,60 €


5 Kg. to 10 Kg.


62,75 €


119,30 €


10 Kg. to 15 Kg.


82,95 €


166,20 €


15 Kg. to 20 Kg.


99,95 €


217,20 €



The cost of the making export DUA is 15 Euros, which it will be added to the other expenses of the order.

In any case, the exact shipping cost will be calculated automatically in the order summary screen so that you can check it before payment.

In any case, orders will not be accepted from a country whose final destination is a different country.

Delivery times

Once the order leaves our warehouse, you will receive an e-mail telling you its mailing date and the approximate time of delivery.

The estimated average time of postal delivery is approximately three to six working days for the Peninsula. It may take slightly more if the destination address corresponds to a population with few inhabitants, or the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. For international mailings, delivery time ranges from 5 to 15 days depending on the destination.
Delivery times are average periods and it doesn’t include holidays or weekends.

Every delivery is considered completed from the moment in which the courier or postal service gets the product at your disposal, which is achieved through the control system used by the transport company.

It is very important that you specify a delivery address where someone can pick up your package. Since the distribution is done by a external company, it isn’t possible to request a specific delivery time.

If mailing is done by Mail and you haven’t received your package within ten working days (or twenty in case of international mailing) from the departure notification, please contact Petitaixa to investigate the causes of the delay.

Availability of the product and replacement

If we have the products requested in the store, the order is generally sent the following working day. If we haven’t any product, three things can happen:

 We offer the option of purchasing a similar  product to the requested one, of equal or superior quality without increasing price. We’ll call you or will send you an e-mail  with the suggestion proposed. In case of accepting it, we will proceed with the order immediately.

If there isn’t alternative or you don’t accept the suggestion, we will process an order to the supplier. In this case, the mailing may delay to two weeks.

If your order contains several products, we can send it partially if the number of available products is sufficient. In such a case, the remaining products will reach you in the second mailing without having to pay additional costs.

If you don’t agree with any of the above alternatives, we will refund your money within 30 days.


You have several payment options available:

  • By credit card VISA or MasterCard.
  • Using your PayPal account.
  • By bank transference. Petitaixa will provide you by email the data so that you make the transference.
  • By COD service Post Office or carrier. For amounts lower than 300€. With an additional cost of 3,50€In cash on delivery only cash is accepted, there are accepted neither heels, nor another currency that is neither the euro nor any other form of payment.

Refunds and returns mailing

If as consequence of an incorrect address, reiterated absence or rejection of delivery came a returned package, Petitaixa would contact with you to let you know this fact. In that case, you can choose for refund (excluding shipping charges) or the re-dispatch accordingly paying shipping charges. 

If some product isn’t your liking, you can exercise your right of withdrawal and return it within fourteen following working days from the reception of your order to reimburse you the amount.

We won’t return the shipping charges of the product that it’s desirable to return. Even if the package was sent without cost, it will be deducted an amount equal to such expenses.

Any returned product mustn’t have been used, must be in perfect condition for resale and has to be returned together with its original packing.

No refunds for orders shipped outside of Spain.

To return one or several products, you follow this procedure:

Send the products by the means that you consider more appropriate to the following address:


C/ Pau Guanter nº 7 B

17486 Castelló d’Empúries (Girona)

After receiving the package and checking its content, we will proceed to the payment card or deposit of the amount in the checking account indicated by you within 30 days. If you paid by bank transfer, please indicate us the account number where you want that we make the income. If you want, we can use the corresponding amount as credit for future purchases.


Once past the first 15 days of reception of the order, if it presents some fault or guarantee period incidence, you must contact the telephone product support.

In case of lack of conformity of the product, a term of two years is recognized from the moment of the delivery so that the buyer could realize his rights. In the 6 months following delivery it will be presumed that the lack of conformity existed already in the moment of the delivery, being appropriate to the buyer to try in the remaining 18 months (from the seventh to the end off two years) that the good wasn’t okay.

Each item purchased refers to the buyer with the corresponding instructions of use and the general conditions of the manufacturer. In addition to the conformity guarantee, the manufacturer can voluntarily provide an additional commercial guarantee, in whose case it will send with the purchase object indicating the terms of the same one.

The ticket or invoice must be retained to effects of guarantee for any repair of the product.


Petitaixa responsibility is limited, in any case, to the amount of the order and won’t be compromised by errors or omissions that may have taken place when it has acted diligently.

Petitaixa won’t be considered responsible for incompletion, in case of stocks depletion or product unavailability, to force majeure, activity’s interruption or total or partial strike, in particular postal services, means of transport or communications, floods or fire.

Complaints and resolution conflict

You can make a complaint by writing to our registered office, or e-mail (, indicating the order number or receipt/invoice and the reason of your complaint. We will answer to your complaint within 30 days.

Failing that, the courts of your place of residence will be the competent ones, whatever the place of delivery and payment methods accepted.

The present General Conditions of Contract will be executed and interpreted in accordance with the Spanish legislation, legislation to which the parts expressly submit.